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From eCommerce and custom Web Applications to SMM, we specialize in all aspects of  Web Design and Development. With more than 300 completed projects, we know how to create the user experience that builds and scales your company.

We believe that this kind of facility and service would not be provided to you anywhere in the market. We do work on various technologies like Wordpress, Magento, Codeignitor, Laravel, HTML, Androids and PHP etc. We always believe on client satisfaction by providing 6 month free maintenance and training. We specialize in re-designing and re-developing websites.

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So whatever IT support services and requirements your business needs, contact Vrajinfosolution today at +91-8140182246 for a free consultation. We can discuss your requirements in detail and provide you with a bespoke, competitive quote.

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WordPress Development

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Magento Development

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CodeIgniter Development

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Laravel Development

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How do we work

At the start of a project, the amount of planning and work required can seem overwhelming. There may be dozens, or even hundreds of tasks that need to be completed at just the right time and in just the right sequence.

To make sure that we complete a successful project, the key is in being organized and planning.

And like anything in life, a big task, broken down into a series of smaller tasks suddenly doesn’t seem so big.

Project Initiation

The first part of developing a successful project is to make sure that you are entirely sure of everything that needs to be done and that you have a clear objective and title for your project — after all, how can it be successful if you don’t know exactly what the desired outcome is? We should try to determine how we can measure our progress, and what milestones we are trying to reach, This will give us an easy way to check our progress and keep our team motivated.

Project Planning

Once the project receives the green light, it needs a solid plan to guide the team, as well as keep them on time and on budget. A well-written project plan gives guidance for obtaining resources, acquiring financing and procuring required materials. The project plan gives the team direction for producing quality outputs, handling risk, creating acceptance, communicating benefits to stakeholders and managing suppliers. The project plan also prepares teams for the obstacles they might encounter over the course of the project, and helps them understand the cost, scope and timeframe of the project.

Project Execution

This is the phase that is most commonly associated with project management. Execution is all about building deliverables that satisfy the customer. Team leaders make this happen by allocating resources and keeping team members focused on their assigned tasks.Execution relies heavily on the planning phase. The work and efforts of the team during the execution phase are derived from the project plan.

Project Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and control are sometimes combined with execution because they often occur at the same time. As teams execute their project plan, they must constantly monitor their own progress.To guarantee delivery of what was promised, teams must monitor tasks, calculate key performance indicators and track variations from allotted cost and time. This constant vigilance helps keep the project moving ahead smoothly.

Project Closure

Teams close a project when they deliver the finished project to the customer, communicating completion to stakeholders and releasing resources to other projects. This vital step in the project lifecycle allows the team to evaluate and document the project and move on the next one, using previous project mistakes and successes to build stronger processes and more successful teams.


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